Your operating systems get more complex as your organisation grows. That means you require an internal audit function to assist you in the effective discharge of your responsibilities by monitoring and promoting effective control at reasonable cost.


We at FiveWH Corporate Services (Pvt) Limited (“5wh”) offer customized internal audit services – a convenient outsource solution that costs you no more than what you would pay as gross salary of the in-house auditor or auditors. A great saving considering that salaries are only a portion of the total cost of sustaining an audit department.

Here are some of the benefits you derive from outsourcing the Internal Auditor function:-


  • Top flight skills: Not only do you get an effective skills-set, you also have knowledge and research backup from the 5wh “back office” at no extra cost to you.


  • Cost: You get these skills at a fraction of the cost of running an in-house audit department. That’s because of not only the savings arising out of staff benefits and administration, but also because as 5wh our costs are spread across a portfolio of many clients – economies of scale.


  • HR: Staff administration is a necessary hassle that many an employer love to pretend does not exist. When you outsource, you get the HR benefit while avoiding the administration costs and risks.


  • Related services: Forensic audit and systems tune-up are skills that many audit professionals pretend to have. We do have these skills.


  • Experience: Because we have clients across many sectors of the Zimbabwe economy, we have “war stories” to share. We have worked, and are currently working, with various profit and not-for-profit organisations.