“Forensic Auditing” is an examination of evidence regarding an assertion to determine its correspondence to established criteria in a manner suitable to a Court of law.


Investigate first – then act

This is the logical thing to do and in Zimbabwe this is what the law (Labour Relations Act [Chapter 28:01]) requires. If you suspect that your organisation is the target of financial crime you will need fast professional support to help you take action. We have experienced fraud investigators with competencies in accounting, the law and criminal justice processes.


Competent and Experienced Financial Investigation

We examine the operations that are potentially affected and analyse the related flows of cash and goods. If our work confirms your suspicions, we will draw up alternative courses of action and advise you on their implementation. You can rely on our discretion, and on the integrity of our staff.


Offenders often also exploit the complexity of IT systems, which can result in serious damage to your organisation. Our specialists find and preserve the traces left by the offender.

Internal Controls1         Internal Audit2         Internal Controls2


We work with you to devise effective strategies to protect your organisation against fraud. We also provide assistance in the implementation of these strategies.


Asset Tracing

When your organisation has lost assets as a result of criminal acts, we help you to identify, trace and recover your property.


We assist you in detecting fraud and other financial offences and develop alternatives for minimizing the damage caused.


Fraud is a manageable risk.