Audits, in general, are also valuable in identifying areas for continuous improvement and planning.

Internal Controls1Are You Being Served

Does your system of internal control help you to exploit your opportunities as well as manage the risks of doing the things you do? Is it able to detect errors and fraud in sufficient time for you to take appropriate action? Can you quantify the effectiveness of your controls? Do you have just enough controls – not too many and not too few? If the answer to any of these questions is “no”, or you do not know, you need to talk to us.




Internal Controls2Risk assessment: We will assess the structure of your internal control system and recommend areas for improvement. We will pay attention to the processes by which you establish, monitor and improve your system.






Internal Audit2Design and implementation: Following the structural assessment, we can assist you to implement our recommendations. We can also assist you to design and implement a new internal control system from scratch. In short, we assist you in determining the scope and fitness of your Internal Control System such that it enables you to meet your business and regulatory requirements.